2017 in Review

Presidential Trump

2017 has been quite a year. From the triggering of Article 50 and Britain's withdrawal in the EU to Presidents Trump continued Shenanigans in his first year. The explosion of machine learning and other massive technological advances compared too the breakdown of societal cohesion across the world. Here is a quick analysis of 2017.



Trump has proved himself to be an inept President. People voted for him with optimism. Tired of the unending incompetence, nepotism and dynasty nature of politics they wanted an outsider. A political amateur. Be careful what you wish for. 

Strangely though he has at least helped to expose and highlight the strange war on normal western culture being waged by the media. The war on "being white" which is a real thing and it is not alt right to say so. Feminism and Social Justice have further expanded their movement and their place in society to the point where not only do they feel comfortable openly being racist against white people and sexist to men, they can call it a moral good.

This culture war has only polarised society more. The European Union, Brexit, Catalonia has only fragmented the world more. India has a Hindu Nationalist movement removing the Legacy of Gandhi's secular politics.  China's Xi Jinping has cemented himself into a position of firm power and set up a legacy of power and influence for his successor. He has a plan to monitor his citizen's behavior and score them including online, which bears depressing similarity to EU plans.



When we voted for Brexit, when Trump got elected, when the Skeptic movement colonised (trigger warning) YouTube and kicked ass in the debates, ruined feminists with memes, they said that is the culture war won. 

Which is funny. Because the way it looks Feminism and collective identity politics have become more powerful. They are just as deeply involved in academia, just more blatant. More Social Justice has been seen in movies, TV and culture.

The Hashtag "Me Too" movement is an extension of "listen, believe" which is the overturning of centuries of movement towards justice, human rights, and equality. Now it is enough simply to accuse, as a side note to this day men's lives are being ruined by being accused of rape falsely.

The rise of the Alt-Right is simple cause and effect of every movement using race and gender as a weapon, well if you keep on using race particularly then white people will start doing it in retaliation. It is powerful, it is motivating and its attractive to a certain mindset that humanity is predisposed too. It is not a good thing.  

So how about 2018?   

When I read Steven Pinker's  "Better Angels of our Nature" it was like a hot water bottle on a cold day. I got a lovely warm fuzzy feeling that told me the world has been getting steadily less violent as the centuries have gone on. Despite the atrocities of World War 1 and 2 the amount of innocent bystanders and victims of violence overall as a proportion of the global population has reduced steadily. That was a few years ago, I never envisioned this spiral of society back into racial and sexual divides that seem to be a much more stark division of collectivism authoritarians versus individualist normal liberal-minded people who respect the tradition of the West since the enlightenment.

“I am sometimes asked, “How do you know there won’t be a war tomorrow (or a genocide, or an act of terrorism) that will refute your whole thesis?” The question misses the point of this book. The point is not that we have entered an Age of Aquarius in which every last earthling has been pacified forever. It is that substantial reductions in violence have taken place, and it is important to understand them. Declines in violence are caused by political, economic, and ideological conditions that take hold in particular cultures at particular times. If the conditions reverse, violence could go right back up.”
— ― Steven Pinker, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Which makes this quote from Pinker more pertinent than ever -

I suspect that society will fracture and divide further, the primary cause of this being the European Union. The Alt-Right will evolve as a movement and gain more traction.

There is more reason than ever for us to talk more, expose biased and false media and find platforms, (or force existing ones to comply), with Free Speech.

Society now exists in a few very small spheres of communication. Youtube, Facebook, and a few other sites dominate information dissemination and exchange. Mainstream media has proven themselves susceptible to SJW pressure, or promotion and propaganda for the SJW/Marxist cause

We must find a way to communicate and force all spheres of life to accept open free conversation and stop this fracturing or without being dramatic, this could get bumpy. 

If you need a New Year Resolution, that should be it. Hope we all have a happy peaceful 2018