"The Political Horseshoe" Explained


Have you ever been puzzled by the seeming partnership, lack of criticism that is displayed by feminist activism towards radical Islam?

Why communism, apparently so altruistic always end up in genocide? 

Why do people compare Nazism and communists, in fact they often say Nazism is actually socialism. Well you can try and argue that, there are some truths in there but it won't quite pass the bar. The truth is somewhere else, that Nazism seems so similar because it is. It doesn't share the ideological roots and didn't express the same ideas because it was travelling to the same point by a different angle.

Because they utilise the same tools. Identity politics, collectivism, authoritarianism. The result is oppression and death.


There can be no freedom of thought, no freedom of the Press, where it is necessary that everything should be governed by a single system of thought. In theory Socialism may wish to enhance freedom, but in practice every kind of collectivism consistently carried thought must produce the characteristic features which Fascism, Nazism, and Communism have in common. Totalitarianism is nothing but consistent collectivism, the ruthless execution of the principle that ‘the whole comes before the individual’ and the direction of all members of society by a single will supposed to represent the ‘whole’.
— Friedrich Hayek